Why Wood County ?

Wood County began with a mission to translate a designer’s vision “to convert a space into an amazing masterpiece”. Embracing the rich heritage of craftsmanship and leveraging the latest technology, our made-to-order policy ensures that each piece is unique and handmade with utmost care. We work exclusively with properly treated solid wood like teak, mahogany, etc. to ensure that each masterpiece survive down the ages. The leverage of advanced technology enables our project management team to provide you a detailed project plan, specifying checkpoints, which starts from the selection of wood until its delivery at site. Our timely updates about the work in progress give you the feeling that everything happens right in your neighborhood.


Elevate your decor with our artisanal handicrafts, showcasing intricate designs, premium materials, and timeless appeal.


Introducing our newest sofa, the perfect combination of style and comfort, designed to elevate your living space and provide ultimate relaxation.

a stylish and comfortable addition to any room, with its sleek design and plush cushions creating the ultimate seating experience.

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